Ruined Monday

12:31 AM Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Truth be told, I am officially 16 days delayed.

And then I got all woozy and down and weak and headachy Sunday night. I woke up 3 AM Monday morning with a migraine. I had to barf and generally just lie down and sleep the rest of the day. I had to back out of a prospective interview with an employer (for a part-time, at-home gig) and a dinner with CWL friends. And hubs had to stay home from work.

But despite being delayed, I am still positive that I am feeling this bad because of PMS and not because I am pregnant. Always, delays or irregularities in my period gets my temper rising, and my body breaking down. To think I never had to suffer from cramps or whatever growing up. But now this. This!!!

Men will never know how women can be at the mercy of their hormones. I know being overweight doesn't help. And an irregular sleep cycle also doesn't help. But I am only 32 and not even stressed by work, so these hormone surges and dips are really traumatic. My productivity as a person is being affected. I am even having weird dreams! Grrr.

This is pure rant, I know. It really sucks, how I feel.


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