Boyz II Men: Love Tour in Manila

7:53 AM Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yes, I watched Boyz II Men's Love Tour in Manila last night and enjoyed every minute of it.

But wait... first of, I'm still pregnant so this may be mushy.

But second of all, is there a person alive who doesn't like at least one Boyz II Men song? I think because they aren't really a boy band, even all their mushy songs appeal to guys.

I loved them growing up but wasn't fanatic about them so I didn't even know that their fourth member has left them (Michael McCarry, in 2003, due to health issues). And you will miss that 4th member in all of their old songs because not only have we all taken those songs to heart (what with Pinoys being mushy, I don't doubt we were all bombarded with them by the radio, on weddings, during break ups and courtships, etc), the songs were arranged with a 4th voice in mind.

But the Boyz II Men were great. It kinda sucks that it's only now I am watching musicians I listened to, but anyhoo, they were great! The concert was a fail since they didn't fill up Araneta Coliseum (it was only filled up close to 2/3 capacity, with most of the empty seats in the lower box) and it started at past 9 PM. But it was a success because Passage as an opening act was a great choice, and Boyz II Men really gave their all during the concert. My husband suspects they cut it short (after some 1.5 hours of showmanship) but it was still a great concert indeed. It is so very different hearing them live, and their choreography was both funny and cool (only they could have pulled it off without looking silly) and they engaged the crowd all the time.

I also didn't expect screaming from the crowd, but it was there. Even dancing :)

And all the songs they covered for their Love Album.... sigh! They absolutely rocked IRIS and BACK FOR GOOD. And since most of us didn't know what songs were included in the album, and they'd open the songs a little differently, the crowd will always end up being floored to realize which song it was that they're singing.

Loved, loved them!!! And I did get lots of senti with their songs because they took me back to my MTV days, to my growing up years. And I just had to cry when they sang Mama.

Boyz II Men is celebrating their 20th year this September. Decided to enjoy the concert instead of record on video. I think Boyz II Men's Love Album is a must buy if only for the group putting more harmony into already timeless classics.


I never also made the connection that Shawn Stockman, who sang my fave song Visions of a Sunset (which I think I'd want for my funeral), is part of the group.


One other thing. As Passage, and later on Boyz II Men, were singing all those heartbreak/goodbye songs, I grew teary because I realized yet again that I am past that period of my life where I was getting hurt, being unrealistic, making mistakes, etc.

I am past the drama of finding a love to call my own. I have it now. What a blessing to have grown up!


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