From 190+ to 140+ Pounds

5:29 PM Thursday, February 24, 2011

That's around fifty pounds lost, right? :)

Thank God nobody believed it when I was pushing 200 lbs. back in October-Novemeber... and that people see me as relatively slim now even if I'm still overweight :)

But I have committed a crime to my body... I'm still not exercising even if the varicose veins issue has resolved itself on its own. How can I look magnificently toned at my ninang duties at a wedding in June?


I shouldn't be just enjoying this body... I should be taking care of it and maintaining it.

Some 15 pounds more before I am a healthy weight again!

(oh and yeah, am loving the appreciation I get from strangers, bwahahaha)


  1. Huhu... I'm so jealous! So how did you do it Mec? I'm beginning to think there's no hope for me.


  2. nakow sis... breastfeeding lang po talaga! and the weight loss has stopped na, i feel bloated na ulit...


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