Lost at 33

6:55 AM Saturday, March 19, 2011

I am blessed. But I am also at a point where I don't know what's next aside from raising a family.

I am sad about something but I am not sure which, nor why.

I am praying the tears will stop from flowing and I will be engaged in more doing instead.

An unhappy me cannot be a good wife and mother... so, what's wrong with me?


  1. Lots of things can build up - lots of little things that add up. Take a breath, force yourself to engage in stuff that could be fun - you will be surprised at what happens


  2. have you thought about postpartum depression?


  3. Oh Rhada... I sometimes think that but I don't think that's it, with my second son going on 4 months na. Plus, I do like going out and shopping, hehe...

    More siguro, being a mom of two and all the balancing that entails?


  4. take some time off.. at least one day without your baby..

    and if you have just given birth, this could be postpartum depression...


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