Will You Get a Driver?

4:00 PM Friday, November 11, 2011

One of the things you think about if and when you're already super rich is... will you get your own driver or still drive yourself?

Now that a personal auto transport is not the monopoly of the rich anymore, and it's really very convenient for families to have their own auto transport to ferry them to and fro school runs as well as go on road trips with, the need for a driver suddenly becomes a question... even for the middle class.

After all, not all women drive... or feel compelled to learn. And most moms also work now so they can't really be the ones doing the ferrying too.

But then... a friend's driver impregnated their nanny. The next driver again had dalliances with the next nanny. I'm not sure I like to invite such possibilities.

Plus, I like the conversations we have during a car ride. Also not sure if I want someone else listening in on those.

Still, I'd really love to have my own auto transport someday. Even a cheapie Jazz or Getz will do :)


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