3:37 PM Sunday, August 03, 2003

Does anyone here remember those dolls that came out during the late 1980's... infant-size with a pacifier in their mouths... you take away the pacifier and the doll would give off this very real-baby-like crying sound?

Anyway... my sister had one from babyhood... and we've been able to preserve it. And at age 17... she still plays with it. One time... when we found her baptism clothes, she had both clothes and doll washed... and propped them up in my Mom's bedroom (where she sleeps)... much to the chagrin of the household...

It was real creepy talaga...

And now she's sitting in front of the TV, watching the UAAP games, with that darned doll cradled in her arms as if it was a real infant.

And come Monday again... my cousin who is taking up nursing... will be borrowing the doll and using it for lab practice. (the doll is kept in a locker the rest of the week)

Then come Friday again.. my sister will be sleeping with the doll again....

And again, is it just me or isn't something weird in my home???


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