10:18 AM Friday, August 08, 2003

Friday - 8th of August - Today's Topic:

Are you satisfied on how your life is going now? Contented on how things are taking its place? Are the objectives set being accomplished as planned? Or you just simply don't have a plan and just live by the day?

I am happy with my life. Sure, I have a lot of things I can complain about, like handling a job I wasn't trained for, and wanting to work again as a counselor, or not yet in a relationship and grooming a partner for a lifetime of togetherness, or my friends I want to cry to are all busy with their own lives.

Still, I am happy with my life. There are down times (like, the past few days) but even during such sad, trying times, I get to realize over and over again who loves me. And that is a blessing.

Content? I like to believe there seldom is contentment in life... but i've had moments wherein I couldn't ask for more.

Am I where I intended to be at this certain time of my life? In a way, yes. I'm still not a single parent. I still haven't gotten beaten up or sexually abused by a man. I still haven't killed anybody. I still have a family I belong to. I have a job that pays well. I have avenues wherein I meet interesting people. My body is still lustfully ok. I still have not had any operation. Neither have I been committed in a hospital for emotional/psychological breakdown. I still haven't done anything that is really, really embarrassing and humiliating... or anything I will not be able to ever tell my future kids.

However, I don't really have any major plans right now. Getting married and building a family life before age 30 is something I have to compromise, I think, since there were some things I didn't do before that I have to do first... that is, rid myself of emotional baggage.

I live from day to day.... keeping my top priorities always in check... and looking forward to certain celebrations wherein I can express my love for loved ones.

Other than that, am always looking for the next time i'd get to dance. Or eat white chocolate.


That was my reply at www.mygimmick.com (see TALKBALK thread)

Felt like I should include it here.


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