4:47 PM Saturday, September 27, 2003

Don't my new digicam and my 7-week old nephew just go amazingly together?

Of course, I still don't know a hell lot about using the cam... so Photo Sessions w/ the MyGers, here I come!!!


Birthday is on Friday... am lacking birthday funds na since I have to do something about my cell fone that just got broken...

Other birthday gifts am hoping to get for myself... anytime this month... heaven help me....

1) 128 compact flash card (my cam supports up to 256 but I don't wanna be that tirgger happy)

2) a tripod

3) a new backpack... one that can support my earth pad

4) hydration bladder

5) tent (yikes, do i really wanna be carrying one?)

6) new sandals

7) sexy outfits

8) sexier underthings

9) silver jewelries (preferably with KEY motiffs)

10) new boots

11) a haircut

12) swedish massage

13) lots and lots of white chocolates (oh wait, this is what my friends are for!)

14) a new fone?

Ahihihi, wishful thinking that my measly allowance will allow such, esply since am now paying off the loan i took to get the cam... and paying for two pension plans at that...

But it's nice... that am not sooo troubled physically and emotionally and psychologically and financially... that I can still manage to think of material things.


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