5:02 PM Thursday, October 02, 2003

By: Myself 8-18-99 (12:00-12:15 am)

Oh, to be held
Gently, but firmly
To have one whole
Blessed night
In which to feel
To be in the arms
Of someone
Who values you
As much as
You value yourself;
To be able to talk
And say anything
Without reservation,
And without fear
Of being judged;
To feel in every touch,
In every sweet caress
That it's okay to let down
Your defenses,
And know
That you will not
Be let down;
To be silent with a loved one
And yet, speak
Volumes in every breath
To be able to cry
And be ensured
That every teardrop shed
Will be wiped away
For you;
To suffer gladly
Tender kisses
On your hair,
On your lips;
To believe
For one moment
In eternity;
To smile, and look into
Your loved one’s eyes,
And know you’re home…
That is intimacy.
That is making love.

Oh, to feel the heaven
Of two bodies
And two souls
To just be.
For a night, to just be.

Note the date I wrote this one... well, anyway, the point is... it still applies...


A sad poem I wrote last October 21, 2000 found its way into MyG... posted by a hurting friend...

Weird, i'm happy something I wrote touched lives... but I'm sad that it had to be a friend who could relate to the pain I once felt...


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