11:17 AM Thursday, October 09, 2003

Shared booze and chocolate cake and crispy chicken wings with my AA friends last night... dang, too much sex stories for one night... was shocked to find out we were all still together at 2 am... and all of us working today too!!!

Anyway, dare I share a nice pic? Hmm....


On a more serious note... I sometimes cannot help but wonder sometimes who will really be the greatest love of my life...

Is it anyone i'd meet online, seeing that am mostly online anyway?

Is it one of my mountaineer friends, so I won't end up getting crap from a non-understanding boyfriend/hubby?

Is it one of my EXs? Since 3 of them are married... would I become a mistress? How long will I wait before those that aren't married have really established themselves and can finally support a family?

Is it one of my labskis... one of those male buddies i've counseled and watched out for... sometimes pampered and played Mother Hen and Older Sister to... sometimes recommended/pimped to female friends?

Is it anyone from where I work?

Or any brother of my friends?

Is he already in my life? Have we already met? Have I already started touching his life?

Is he someone I've turned away? Is he someone i've rejected? Is he anyone who didn't want me at first?

Is he any of my friends' ex?

I know... I believe... that he's on his way to me...

I just can't help sometimes but wonder... how he'd come into my life... and how we'd know he's meant to stay with me... perhaps, forever...

Surely, forever...


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