9:33 AM Monday, April 12, 2004

Family went to Tagbakin, extension of Taal Lake reachable by foot or any vehicle from our barrio in Lipa... It was very hot and humid, the kids were all pasaways, the food and booze was overflowing... yeah, yeah... not really the best celebration/remembrance of Black Saturday...

All seven kids (eldest is 7, youngest is 8 months) got mouthfuls of the mossy, weedy lake water... but alas, they're still up and about and none the worse.

Here, one and a half Kulay 'loves' Pyro...


Heard from Pyro's mom that my beloved nephew just had his first fall... from a bed in Lipa... but that Pyro is happy and kickin' dust again (actually, he loved the sound TUKOs make, and keeps going after the BUNOT).

Aww, my baby's first fall... it's official, he's human and he'd have slips and falls and he'd bounce back :)

Am so proud!!!


Nowhere will you find three bitchier, moodier, fickle-minded and princess-acting girls... :)

Bonita can be such a pain in all her beauty!!! (her Dad keeps insisting she got my walk and my ass too). And my sister equals hardcore PMS, i swear. And then, there's me (haha, wearing that orange top again).



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