11:17 AM Tuesday, April 20, 2004


oh how i long for you
how i crave you on my lips... down my throat
how i miss your sweetness
in my bed
before i sleep
how i toss and turn now
as i think
of all the joyous wonder
you bring to my life
and how you melt
at the touch of my fingers
really, how i yearn
to experience again
the ecstasy you bring to me
the comfort just having you
gives to me
sigh, your company is first-rate
i love you, white chocolate


W - is for the weight I gain, eating WC
H - is for the happiness, WC brings to me
I - is for the person who loves WC so much
T - is for the Toblerone that sometimes help get me by
E - is for the Egg produced by Cadbury White

C - is for Cadbury, producing pure WC
H - is for the heaven WC brings me to
O - is for the orgasmic feeling every bite gives to me
C - is for the comfort only WC can give
O - is for the oozing cream from Cadbury Eggs
L - is for the love that makes friends give me some
A - is for the ardor I feel for WC
T - is for the tingling feeling I get when surprised with WC
E - is for the everafter that i'm sure to be its slave

sniff... sniff...