mall of asia and superman

10:49 AM Thursday, June 29, 2006

~ spoilers of sorts ahead ~

Seriously, I was not that curious about the Mall of Asia. In fact, I was more interested with the Gateway Mall and their movie theater/s where you can have popcorn and soda all you want, and sit on love/reclining seats (or so I was told).

But JRA wanted us to go on a date there yesterday so off we went.

It was indeed massive. Colossal. Overwhelming. One needs at least two days to go around all the shops.

It's nice to see the not-so-usual shops and restos there... and I told my husband that we could try and make it our thing... to eat at all the food places there. Might take us years before we can accomplish that (because MoA is just out out of our way) ahehe.

Dinner was at Bangus because i've always wondered about that resto (being obssessed with milkfish). And dang, was I disappointed! I really thought their menu was dedicated solely (or mostly) to milkfish but the stuff they offer could be found in places like Pancake House, Gerry's Grill, etc. Plus, their paksiw na bangus wasn't that delicious. The one I buy from our canteen tastes even better, and that's saying a lot (since it's our cafeteria here at work we're talking about). What I liked best from the food we ordered? Sirloin Tapa! Like hello!? :D

Anyway, we both didn't know that you had to buy tickets in advance for the IMAX showing of Superman. Again, I wasn't yet real interested to watch a movie in an IMAX theater (and was willing to wait for the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie slated for July 2007) and I don't think i've watched any Superman movies (maybe bits of all the movies... I just knew Christopher Reeve was dashing) so i was just not excited, although I was ok with the idea. Twas JRA that got disappointed :)

Anyway, we watched the 9:40 PM showing at Cinema 2. And the movie WAS great. I knew it garnered good reviews but I was really impressed. I got lost a lot of times not knowing sh!t about Superman and any of the previous movies but the P150 was well worth it. Of course, all the special effects and what-nots were seamless. They really tried to make this new Superman look like Reeve. Kevin Spacey was awesome, as usual. The one who played Kitty was also great, in her weird, far-out way. Kate Bosworth can act (looks like the thin version of Katherine Heigl to me). You can get carried away with all the super-ness Superman was doing... he could even touch soil with Kryptonite.

And in the end one cannot help but wonder, if his son is immune to Kryptonite, what would he be called when he grows up? Super-DuperMan? :)

Around 3 weeks ago, my friend Ajay introduced Kopi Buns to me. The buns were being served at the Casino (Hyatt Manila) and she said they're also sold at Mall of Asia. So when JRA said we're going there, I told him we have to find Kopi Roti and buy some buns. Kopi Roti is at the South Parking side of the Mall of Asia. Other branches could be found at Tomas Morato and Katipunan and NAIA terminals. It's actually a Singaporean offering, and the Kopi Buns sell at P35.00 ea. We bought six. And even my colleagues LOVED it.

Anyway, hopefully I can return to the mall with JRA because we found this shop selling indoor games and DVD games (Landes?) and we've always wanted some for our home.


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