... if you're the type of woman who:
1) believes his tales that they are separated (even if further questions would tell you that they actually see their wife still, every day, or actually live with their wife pa)
2) believes his tales that he doesn't love his wife and was just forced into the marriage (and actually feel sorry for him for being a 'victim' of an unhappy marriage and a b!tch of a woman... but of course, further questions will unearth the fact that they actually still f*ck)
3) doesn't care about his civil status
4) actually prefers married guys (you know, they're just so appealing because you know they're attached and it feels kinkier because you're supposedly sinning... or because they have more money and seem more worldly than their single counterparts... or because you're actually afraid of commitments and prefer them because they can't ever pressure you to commit)

as i was saying, the problem with married men who proposition women for sex is that... though they seem to be more skilled in bed (none of that panting eagerness you associate with boys, and more of that deliberate confidence that he will be the master of you, if only for that time)... and though they seem to have more money indeed (chances are, they're older, hold higher positions at work, can leave the office for trysts anytime of the day, drive their own cars, have more connections)... and though they're generally more mature (they can listen to your rants, know the right things to say, don't easily cater to your tantrums, are gentler, more mellow, have a greater world-view, have done more travelling, etc)... they're still just USING YOU.

Most of the private messages I get from married men propositioning me come down to one thing: satisfying his sexual fantasy. And most of them want 3somes. Or all the things their wifewon't allow, or the wife makes them work for. It's not really about how turned on he is by you (because if he's already cheating on his wife, chances are, he's turned on by a lot of women easily)... it's always more how he thinks he can easily convince you to give in to his wishes. He thinks you're easy and you're there and here he is so why not?

Some men are real suave, and able to give you the time of your life (in bed). Some can get you thinking that it was your idea in the first place, to be tied up and kneeling in front of him all day. Some are actually good in making a woman feel guilty... that here he is, risking his marriage for you, and you sit there hemming and hawing like a teenage girl (the possibility of you being a teenage girl isn't important)... or that there he was, just looking for friends and you got him hot... and you're having second thoughts. Some would even go out of their way to woo you, make you feel extra special because girls who feel special make love with abandon... some even really make you fall for them because it feeds their ego and it makes sex easier to be got...

And after the time he has with you (grand or not), he moves on to the next woman. You become a statistic in his bed... one of those he conquered behind his wife's back. And he demands more from the next woman... how about a foursome? How about an orgy? How about sleeping with sisters?

And then you get rationalizing everything... it was just a fling... it was something casual etc. etc. But you get poisoned inside... because you know you won't be so dismissive and forgiving of what happened if it was your husband that slept with some other woman.


  1. the problem with having an affair with a married man, no matter how one would sugar-coat it is that it HURTS a marriage (a family)... and no matter how one would rationalize, it still remains clear, the 3rd party is the OTHER WOMAN :(


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