Smackdown - Live In Manila

1:33 PM Wednesday, October 25, 2006

JRA and brother said twas boring compared to RAW... where the fights were extended and more entertaining.

But i've always been morbidly fascinated by Undertaker (coffin, death, you know) so I shrieked and screamed my heart out... my hubs and BIl and other kids I was sitting with all ended up watching me half the time. Ahehe.

And of course, I got way too excited, I didn't think of just video-taping Undertaker's entrance.

(by the way, digicams were supposedly not allowed but there were so many ways to still get them inside... and when the main event came on, nobody thought of hiding their cams anymore)

And of course, I cried when Batista made his entrance, not because am a fan... but because he carried Py in his arms and made my nephew happy for a while.

Oh... and may I rave about how great my cam is? It's 12x optical zoom didn't disappoint, as you can see.


JRA bought me a 1 gb SD for our Palawan trip :)


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