thanks, for we were blessed

9:25 PM Sunday, October 01, 2006

It's like my world stood still all the more last week, getting caught up with preparations for our Davao Budget Hearing this coming week... adjusting to the fact that there is no more Boss Len... dealing with our Dept. Mngr.'s anxiety over the change (and not doing pretty well myself)...

And then, Bagyong Milenyo hit... and I shamefully slept the whole time it was raging its war on billboards and trees and houses (subdivisions even) and electric posts and who knows what else. Last Thursday, I woke up at past 6 AM to see our street already flooded, and the rain already pouring. I already read another boss' text message that work was cancelled due to the typhoon and actually just had enough time to worry about my husband driving on flooded streets.

Twas a blessing in disguise that it's coding day for Maxime (our car) so JRA left way before the rains really fell down catastrophically... and I fell asleep to wake up at past 2 PM to find Manila ravaged. I even had to find out that electricity was cut off from a text message from a friend... I really didn't notice since I slept just fine without the electric fan.

I woke up, went to the other house and my sis was anxious to have me come in asap, afraid something flying would hit me. Turned out, pieces of roofs, branches and other stuff landed on cars and houses and windows here... and I just really slept through it all.

And both houses were relatively untouched by the typhoon... while our neighbors had to deal with leaks and broken roofing and uprooted trees.

And the news and the clean-up going on in streets and roads... it felt all surreal to me!

But the devastation was great indeed... and am so sorry for all those who were left without homes, or the comforts of having electricity (and being able to use your mobile phone, other gadgets, having internet and cable tv).

On another note, it was humbling to know that the typhoon was non-discriminating... everyone was at its mercy, both the rich and poor. People who can afford houses in subdivisions (Bacoor) and informal settlers and farmers alike were all chased away. People in Tondo and people living in Ayala, Alabang suffered from lack of electricity and water supply. In fact, there are still no classes at DLS-Zobel tomorrow because they had not yet been able to fix a line that got broken.

Hopefully, there will be no more storms such as this... for a really long time.

And hopefully, everyone stops from putting up those billboards back on thoroughfares.

I'm really thankful I, and my family, are blessed.


I'm sorry my blog friends, I'm really busy and pre-occupied with a lot of things... and I don't know when I can return the favor of a visit. But thank you for dropping by...


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