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4:12 PM Tuesday, November 07, 2006

again, the Palawan post would have to wait


Watching The Devil Wears Prada around 2 months ago... I found myself getting bitten by something. I scratched the itchy bite and let go, knowing I have to stop lest it results in scarring.

Aba, after 3 days... there is that swollen welt pa din!

Aba, after a week... there is that inflamed portion pa din!

True enough, I should have worried much earlier. It turned out that the bite got infected and became some sort of impacted boil.


It had to be excised... and that required anesthesia.

So then, I had a hole in my leg. Yuck all the more.

And cleaning it entailed much poking with betadine-filled cotton buds.

Then I noticed, i'm getting irritated by the gauze pad and surgical tape. But no, I was actually getting irritated by the betadine! From a bite to a boil to a hole, it developed into some sort of eczema. My dermatologist was actually surprised to finally meet someone who's allergic to betadine. Sheesh.

Anyway, that boil episode lasted for a month. All from an insect bite!


A month later... while people were frolicking in the same beach as I am in Coron, and my husband was snorkelling about, I decided to just feed the fish from waist-deep high waters.

I was moving towards shallower portions when I felt something sting my left ankle. Afraid that I might have gotten unlucky enough to have stepped on a sea urchin, I pulled out my foot to see this plant-like dot on my ankle... that's causing blood vessels to 'pop out and get red' in that area.

I screamed.

I shrieked.

I was center of distraction... and not in a good way.

Half-carried back to the shore... one of our boat men wiped off the stinging something, told us it's nothing, just some particle from where fish live... and said I shouldn't worry.

Some inflammation after (and incessant pain, mind you), they said not to worry NGA coz the swelling on my skin would go away.

Well, it didn't.

Islands and days away, other boatmen would tell us it's nothing again. And sure enough, the seawater seemed to be facilitating the healing.

Then am back here in Manila, with that portion all itchy and rough and dark and dry and driving me crazy. It seems like our worst fears are true... and sure enough, my dermatologist told me that it's an "intense reaction to an insect bite... not yet an allergic reaction, but a very intense reaction... and we should care for it lest it becomes infected...etc... etc"

Caring for it requires topical cream applications, anti-allergy meds for a week... and STEROIDS.

Now, am getting more fat and acne than I need.

On top of my peeling, dark skin.



Still, I can't help but be grateful that am already married and need not worry about attracting guys anymore... because I sure wouldn't... not like this...


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