a time to spend

8:27 AM Monday, November 13, 2006

Bonus time has come.

And because of Bagyong Milenyo, we were also offered the opportunity to file for a calamity loan.

Thus, lots of cash and gift cheques are on hand.

But alas, there are bills to be paid. I want to use most of the money to pay off some of the car loan we got for Maxime.

And we really should buy a spare tire na.

And I want to give some money to Py, Ela and my cousin Tin's son... since they need money more than gifts.

But of course, my other nieces and nephews would also require either money or gift (but i've taken to just giving money or gift cheque so their parents could buy them milk and whatever they really need...)

Then, I owe JRA a gift (birthday and Christmas). And am not so sure if the compact digicam (to support and replace for the meantime my broken S2) we plan to buy this week can stand as his birthday and Christmas gift.

And I have already spent around P6k just for stupid lab tests and consultations re my thyroid problem.

So, although deep inside I know how blessed I am to have money and spend it... I also can't help but feel bad that I would be left with almost nothing for myself...



Then again, I really can't think of any material thing I really want (I am mightily envious of JRA's new 60gb media player but I know I'd just treat it as a glorified mp3 player)... though I need new shoes and clothes (that fit). The only thing that made myself catch my breath is handling the Canon eos 400D... but that's for next year pa...

But I want to be materialistic! I want something tangible to reward myself with.

And I don't want to invest on food!


Where can I find cheap dancing classes? And climbing buddies who could be patient with a weak climber like me?

And a picture of tommy lee's *ehem* :D


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