the one who first touched miau...

4:02 PM Wednesday, August 29, 2007

MIAU is the name of my pu$$y.

And the first man to cup/touch it is someone I do not know.

I have forgotten the tale... and only recently managed to remember it to tell my hubs of the sad, bad experience.

I was in 3rd year high school. PCS was situated smack dab in a market place... my friend and I were walking home after class. The man passed me, going in the opposite direction, and just cupped/grabbed my MIAU thru my skirt.

I couldn't have confused it being accidental because he had the temerity to whisper, "Ang sarap mong kan**tin".

Down fell my books and bags as I go into a state of shock. My friend asked what happened and I managed to peep it out, after which she started shouting mean things at the guy (who kept turning to look at our reaction to what he did). Schoolmates about started staring as I remained still, just totally shocked.

What i couldn't understand then was the fact that it happened when I was wearing a school uniform. I felt so underserving of the 'pambabastos' because I wasn't wearing and doing anything to provoke something like that...

Proof that there is something wrong in my (or girls, in general) indoctrination/enculturation, since my first reaction was to ask "did i deserve to be treated that way?"

I was accompanied home, shaking and quivering over the violation, by my friend.

And no, now I am empowered enough to know that such men don't need provocation at all. But am I empowered enough to do something if I find someone masturbating beside me in a jeep?

I can't say for sure.

And I know i'd be hard-pressed not to feel dirty and shamed and ashamed and violated and shocked all over again.


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