hell hath no fury...

11:09 AM Thursday, August 09, 2007

... like a disappointed pregnant woman.

I know i've always been emotional.

I know i've always been outspoken.

I know i've always been short-tempered.

I know i've always been intolerant.

I know i've always been weepy.

But lately... i've just really been more so, and worse, it's my family i'm picking on.

I haven't been this confrontational with my parents... or husband... or siblings. Mom is being a lot patient eventhough i'm sure she's reeling from one critical e-mail after another. I don't think my Dad is going to speak to me when he comes home this September. I'm not in good terms with my cousin. And i'm close to giving my husband an ultimatum.

I'm not fighting with any of them just for the sake of some drama... it's more like, things i've always been patient/understanding enough about (but have been unresolved issues for years) just really get to me. And i'd rather tell them what I think and feel about it, even tell them they're wrong, than sit on the matter and be patient and understanding some more.

It's a good thing really that hubs still loves me to pieces because at the rate am going, i'd really have no other family to speak of once i've given birth but ours :)

But there's also no going back... i've had enough!


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