We Used to be Mountaineers

1:29 PM Monday, September 22, 2008

Amazing how before, the only heavy things we caried were our backpacks, and we could put those down without being cried to and feeling guilty.

Amazing that we could eat with dirty hands and off each other's water bottles but would probably shriek if we see our kids doing the same.

Amazing that we used to be more concerned of rain than the cold, and we didn't bother about clean beddings and shirts, and mosquitoes didn't concern us more than leeches would. But now, we're all OC in our own way. And all missing the mountains that we used to commune with all those time years ago.

We used to be mountaineers. We're hoping we could be again someday soon. But breastfeeding and being stay/work-from-home Moms (without help) isn't exactly ideal for leaving a child behind (or in Jah's case, two kids and one on the way), no matter how many bottles of pumped milk you store.

I guess our mountains conquered is all figuratively for the meantime.


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