Taking Home Food

8:58 PM Friday, September 19, 2008

JMom's post brought to mind my amazing boss and made me wonder if i'd have to deal with some again for my son's upcoming birthday.

See, at my son's baptism, I was surprised to see people (from my side of the family) who were already packing food from the buffet. I was aghast, because the guests were still eating and nobody had approached me to ask for permission. Of course, I was embarrassed, thinking of my husband's share of the guests and what they'd say.

Well, it wasn't that bad really, because the guests were already helping themselves to second and third helpings... but still, i'd rather I was approached first. Turned out, my SIL's family did it first, and when my cousin saw it, she told her siblings to also get their own.


But I guess, when you have relations that aren't that well-off, you cannot really expect the same social graces from them. ButI do know who's in need and I always make it a point to give to them first when there are things left to give. And you know, it also sometimes suck... you pay using your hard-earned money to throw a party and you don't even get to bring home the leftovers for supper. Again, that's kinda forgivable if only the guests will be considerate... and not act as if we owe it to them to send them off with loot. I mean, if it's wrong to throw a party and expect gifts, surely it's also wrong to attend a party and expect extra food and giveaways?



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