Not Torn Between Two Loves

12:45 AM Saturday, November 15, 2008

What does a Filipino do when confronted by leftovers from lunch (sinigang with a slightly spicy broth and choice pork parts) and the viand for the evening (chicken adobo, marinated in sukang paombong)?

Not get torn between the two, I hope.

Piping hot rice with lots of the sinigang broth tastes all the more delicious when spiced up by the adobo sauce, I tell you. :)

Yeah... I am one of those who can pile almost everything together in my plate and enjoy it. I sometimes find myself even making spaghetti a viand with my rice, when they're heaped together onto my plate. And although I don't top champorado over a lunch of paksiw na isda, I have no problems eating it as dessert immediately after a main meal (no matter what the viand was).



Or I just love Pinoy food that much. :)


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