Hubs wasn't sure it was a good idea, since it might bring up memories of Py. But the decision to have our son's hair shaved was more a parenting tradition that we've always liked. Besides, silently, i'd rather we have our son's head shaved because we think it's cool, and not because his hair is falling off from chemo.

He does sometimes remind me of Py, especially when he has his back turned to us. Even my sister sometimes catches herself pausing, getting confused. And there's that hint of a resemblance somewhere too, when light catches my son's nose bridge. But other than that, it's really great that he looks like me and has his dad's full lips (Py had his father's thin lips).

But oh, the memories.

And I can't help feeling guilty somewhat... unsure how my brother is feeling. SIL is great with it, thankfully. But then again, hers is a mother's heart.

And well, since mine is a mother's heart too, I can't help but also think how dashingly handsome my Baby Boy Ama is :D He looks like a tambay sa kanto. Hehe.


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