Berks and Valentines

6:39 PM Thursday, February 05, 2009

I sometimes go on useless pursuits like a vampire hungry for blood that cannot be denied.

But anyway, I love these friends and I am just haunted by the song.

It's such a privilege to be so loved, and then to have as great friends as the Berks.


I know, some quotes were a little wordy for a photoslide... but still, walang basagan ng trip!


  1. I'm too choked for proper words...


  2. way too cool. salamat.

    Nicanor David

  3. way too cool. salamat

    Nicanor David

  4. oh my dear... I never realized there is more than one way for the berks to make me tear up... this is so precious sis! I love you for spending time on this! mwah! :D


  5. *sigh*


  6. galeng mo!


  7. thanks Mec! Posted this in my blog as well. Thanks to you, nagkaroon ako ng special valentine's greeting :-)

    Nick Ballesteros

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