Family Reminiscing at a Spa Theater

4:20 PM Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Possibly, the FIRST SPA MOVIE THEATER IN THE WORLD has opened in Ortigas Avenue. Blue Water Day Spa offers a Spa Theater (which accommodates 28 people at a time and where you can watch the latest BlueRay movie offerings), a Sauna, separate Common Rooms for men and women and four Couple's Rooms.

Now, I immediately thought, the Spa Theater would be great for a shower party, bonding between the bride and her entourage and to relax the Mothers who are marrying their son and daughter off.

I also thought that the Couple's Rooms would be great for couples who want to get massages together (esply since Valentines is just around)... maybe even for a pre-nuptial shoot.

Then I thought it would be a great family thing to do for hubs and his cousins after his uncle's 40th day has passed. Maybe they can get their richer dads/uncles to sponsor the event. The spa experience will relieve the family of all the stress from losing a loved one.

Then it hit me. The Spa Movie Theater will be a great thing for a grand family reunion. Of course, the reunion (with all the programme and singing and eating) will have to be held somewhere else (but in the area) and tickets could be distributed among the family members with special screening times. Screening of what? Why, a "Through the Years" AVP, of course! I think this would be something unique and wonderful for, say, a 25th Silver/50th Golden Wedding Anniversary and the first screening will be watched by the patriarch and matriarch and all their old friends. Next screening will be a mixture of guests, kids and grandkids. The AVP can be an expensive project from a professional or just a photoslide made by the grandkids (which would actually be more special).

Maybe they can even strike up a bargain with the Spa owners and have, say, the first movie the Lolo and Lola watched together to be shown. If we ever get to do this for my parents, the movie will be Blue Lagoon (and Mom was already preggy then!).

The concept of the spa movie theater is really cool, no?


  1. Thanks, got your entry. The winners will be announced on the 15th

    Francis Simisim


  2. Uy interesting. I think the spa in front of ELJ/ABS is also Bluewater, sana may spa theater din dun.


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