3:31 AM Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And major sigh again.

So far, this is the most flattering shot i've seen of me in Boracay. I like to think I wasn't really in denial that I wasn't slim anymore, but yikes and double yikes, I am really, really super wide now. However way I pose, I am wide. Whatever I wear, I am wide. And looking at pics of myself in a two-piece makes me laugh because the proof that I had a waist before isn't really very flattering now. Now, it's this weird line on my sides... and yes, most times, I look pregnant.

And it didn't help that twas very rainy in Boracy so all we really did was sleep and eat. I had Starbucks frappes alternated with FIC choco mint ice cream. I had crabs and shrimps almost everyday. Yeah, I was a pig... so I am wide. :D

And heaven bless hubby for saying I looked okay in this outfit when really, I looked like suman and very TH :) I love him!


  1. you look like a very hot momma to me :)


  2. hey...i really think u look great in that photo, mec. don't worry about being wide. you're not that wide. besides, sexy ka pa rin. hindi bola yan ah!


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