Bye Little Sis

12:27 PM Sunday, July 05, 2009

Racked with sobs, my sis said a very tearful goodbye to my sleeping son very early this morning. And I spent till 1 AM trying to burn pictures on a DVD for her to take (it didn't occur to me to just save the damned lot in a thumb drive and copy it in her laptop). I was too sleepy and sneezy to cry (plus, it looked like she was crying for hours already).

She told me THANK YOU for everything.

And she even went to our cousin's room to tell her goodbye too, to think that cousin didn't even have the grace to help her pack, join us for dinner last night, and get up to say goodbye to her. (And i'll stop now because this post is not about my menopausal cousin) But then again, my sister has always had the grace to forgive and not dwell on conflicts.

The plan is for her is to stay and work her a$$ off in the US for at least two years before going back to visit the country. A great thing that should help her miss the Philippines less is that her BF is leaving for the Middle East in August. At least she can console herself that both of them will be living in foreign shores. Hopefully, distance won't be a hindrance for their love to continue to grow. And I really hope she will be lucky and persevering enough to build a good life for herself abroad (amidst our crazy relatives).

I will miss her.

But I think this is really the final straw for me to also move on with my present life, along with my family. I've been tiede to this same neighborhood for years, now I can really leave it knowing that nothing else is worth staying here for. No more baby sister to watch over and guide and bond with.


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