2:39 PM Thursday, November 26, 2009

Just for the record, I condemn the Ampatuan / Maguindanao Massacre. It is senseless killing of unimaginable implications. The tragedy is not the massacre per se, but that it happened in our country in this day and age.

It's even more offensive because people died saving lives during Ondoy... but there, in a place the governement doesn't really get to monitor, away from Manila's prying eyes, these atrocities are the norm.

I said somewhere that maybe it's a blessing in disguise that the killers killed so many journalists. Maybe this time, fear for their own lives, offense for their own kind, will drive the press to never let this story get buried.

I also hope that the Muslims will rise together and bring the peace that should be theirs to their land. It's not that am blaming them, but they are equally culpable. Same way that I can't blame Filipinos abroad who are, right now, ashamed of being Filipinos because of this tragedy.

We elected our officers. We allow them to cheat. We have great laws but allow people to give us rice or money so they could abuse or deny these laws. We choose to believe in advertisements and propaganda and promises instead of reacting to what is actually happening. We allow people to steal from us. We steal ourselves.

So one way or the other, we allowed those people to be killed. Shame on us, indeed.


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