Haaay, My Dad

2:21 AM Monday, November 16, 2009

I told my father that we went swimming last, last weekend and he replied with something like "Buti pa kayo, pa-swimming swimming na lang samantalang yung iba, na-bagyo... anyway, ingat, love Dad"

And then last Friday, while chatting with my sis, she asked me a curious question, "who planned the swimming party?" So I asked her why she was asking and asked her if Dad made the above comments to her as well. She was surprised I knew. She just said something like, "you know naman our elders" :D

Frankly, I wasn't bothered by it at all. Like what I told my sis, and not because I was defensive, we moved the date of the swimming gig because we didn't want to be disrespectful of typhoon victims, aside from not wanting to do it in the midst of a storm also. Plus, I gave away sooo many clothes, stuff, money and time for the victims. I knew I had done my part and had a right to celebrate my, my son's and my husband's birthdays.

But this is particularly telling of how my Dad is. Family bonding time for him is us going to Lipa to visit him, or us staying home and maybe sitting together in front of the TV, or maybe even forcing small talk during dinner. He's been all over the world but never thought to bring his own family anywhere. We never took trips. So his view of say, who I am, is limited to what he's perceived of me as a daughter... he has much to know about me as a person.


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