The Jackson 5 sang that lovely song, and this Christmas, they'd be missing Michael.

I have adjusted a little to not having Mommy around to cook Noche Buena, and I've adjusted to the laughable attempts we've made to cook the same stuff Mom usually cooked for us before. But Christmas really hasn't been the same since I got married... at least, what Christmas has always been to me.

Anyway, my sister is also not here this Christmas. And my Dad might still be in Bicol then. So hubs and I might be spending Noche Buena with his family. I still haven't really told him but that sort of depresses me. I've gotten used to Noche Buena in Lipa... with my nieces and nephews and food my family has cooked. And it's not that hubs' family's cooking isn't good, but it's just that saying goodbye to traditions is always a sad thing.

Which brings me to the challenge that I should take up already: to start our own Christmas traditions... like dishes I only ever cook at Christmas, and our own way of gift-giving, and yeah, maybe opening our doors or hearts to people in need, one way or another.

But there is much that am thankful for. I feel for those who have lost loved ones this year... who will be celebrating their first Christmas without a partner, a parent, a sibling or child. I am mighty grateful that's not the case for me, and so I celebrate all my blessings and pray for those whoase Christmases wouldn't be the same.


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