Lord of the Rings

12:47 AM Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I was running errands at CDR-King when I saw LOTR being played. After that, I started bugging the hubby to download the files so I could watch them again. Mind you, I was not really a fan though I loved the movies.

Anyway, I got to watch the extended versions this time. The Two Towers especially had a lot of scenes that were omitted from the theater release. I marvelled again at how I could see Ian McKellen playing Dumbledore, and how they really made Orlando Bloom soft-looking and effeminate. I didn't think Frodo and Sam were bordering on gay anymore, and I was confused why they made Gimli too much of a comic relief. I still loved Eowyn, and loved to see that falling in love scene by Faramir for her. I still quivered for Haldir and Boromir and Faramir, and I still caught my breath in my fave scenes (the call to arms by lighting fires, the 'on the 5th day, look to the east' moment, when Boromir died, whenever Haldir is there, when Eowyn and Merry slew the Ring Wraith, etc.

Anyway, I lost 10 hours at least of sleep and task time to finish all three movies. But it was worth it. Now am on Wiki reading up on the characters!!!


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