11:59 AM Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I thought it was the last movie already and was hoping for an imprinting scene. I never read any of the books, I just read the Wiki on them and was interested by the werewolves and Volturi.

Oh of course, Jacob Black is yummy :) And I thought Dakota Fanning had more scenes as Jane.

But anyway, we watched the lasst full show at Rob last night. And it's really hilarious that my hormones threatened to get me crying at several inappropriate times during the movie. Like when Jacob was asking Bella to choose him, and when Edward reminded Bella to visit her Mom before graduation (I thought they were already going to turn her), and when the shirt quilt was given (because despite a lack of use for quilts, I think it's such a sweet gift and I know some use their kids' clothes to make one), and that scene with Rosalie (which was a really good scene) and when I saw younger werewolves and when they all decided to risk their lives for Bella (a really insipid, colorless character, if you ask me).

I think I started crying when Bella was telling Jacob that they could be killed and I got worried over Seth Clearwater, wondering if he'd die. I started laughing that I was shedding tears, it was really crazy.

I mean, I cry at movies. I even have a weird thing about choosing just one scene and empathizing so much, i'd be crying over just that one scene. Why else would I cry watching Exorcist because I felt so sorry for the helpless Mom? But I know, had I been normal, I wouldn't have cried over any scene at Eclipse. I even kept squeezing hubby's hand whenever the werewolves come because I was really so worried about them. Haha.

Oh and that awful scene with Bree and having the Volturi get rid of her. Awww.

Oh and yeah, loved the valedictory address :) And the back stories on Jasper, Rosalie and the Qilute tribe.

Rolled my eyes at a lot of winded dialogues but as with New Moon's "what, am I not the right monster for you?," Eclipse's "we both know I am hotter than you" was delivered well by the terribly obsessed Jacob. And I think I liked this movie better... but I am pregnant.

Still won't read the novels though.


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  2. you can e-mail me at delisyus at gmail dot com :)


  3. I watched eclipse too not realizing it wasn't the last movie :(. that's what i get for not being tuned in to the hype.

    I did like the first movie more than this though, altho this third installment is far better than the sleepy second movie.

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