Reviving Academec?

11:12 AM Tuesday, July 06, 2010

I am thinking of reviving my Academec blog. I let go of its .info domain about a year ago since I stopped attending UPOU classes anyway... but now I'm thinking of reinventing it as my homeschooling blog and posting there all other helpful bits on education.

But then, I can't commit yet to more blogging since I am currently sick, have articles and photoslides pending and haven't even started with my son's more structured regimen on learning (more about hand dexterity, developing gross and fine motor skills, grooming, etc really than academics).

Anyway, since I still haven't made up my mind about that one... let me just share here how aghast I was to learn that parents sending their kids to public schools have to contribite yearly for trash cans, electric fans, etc. That's yearly! And yes, it's not that they'd shell out much because all parents would be contributing but still, that is a sad fate indeed for them. Sending kids to public schools already meant they can't afford much so all additional expenses are sure to be a burden.

And then there are the private schools with their own schemes (particular brand supplies you can only buy from them).

In a way, I am really happy to not have to deal with them soon because of my homeschooling dreams. Oh God, I really hope I succeed.


  1. sows, hindi naman na bago yan. nung panahon natin, "miscellaneous fees" ang tawag dyan, hehe...

    dito sa singapore, international schools are even charging "development fund" chu chu... and not a measly sum, ha. am talking of more than S$1-2K a year!


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