Good Luck to Sis

3:58 AM Thursday, October 07, 2010

My sister is scheduled to take her NCLEX either this October or on November. I really wish she'd make it this time so that she can finally be a registered nurse in the US. Even with the economy there still really in recession, I would simply love for her to be ordering scrub sets here and landing a job in a hospital already. I know she'd look cute in medical nursing scrubs, plus I know she'd really make for a greatly caring nurse.

I want her to start earning for herself and taking in the rewards of all those years of study, as well as taking on more responsibilities on her shoulders. It is time, after all, for our parents to get some reprieve from supporting her.

She is based in Michigan though and job pickings there are kinda slim so she might have to work for a while in nursing homes, like our cousin did, before she really gets a hospital job. No matter, so long as she strives to be the professional she was trained to be. Plus, she can still wear adorable scrub sets wherever she works and look fab while providing all those TLC.


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