Is It 'Coz am 33 Already?

5:18 PM Saturday, November 27, 2010

I thought before that the desire to shop for clothes and put on makeup was because of pregnancy hormones. Well, I have popped already and am still bent on shopping for new clothes and makeup.

In fact, my next project is to test drive a BB cream!

And I am hemming and hawing on what Infinitude color to buy next... actually, I really want more clothes but as I am hoping to lose more weight, the Infinitude is a better purchase because it stretches and will also shrink with me. But I really intend to keep on looking fab. It's already very encouraging when people tell me I don't look like i've just given birth yet. Plus, I have to maximize the perkier cleavage, right?

I need more accessories too. And maybe a new bag and shoes? :)

Oh, I just noticed that I really do need to moisturize faithfully now as my face has started showing signs of old age dryness (aside from the acne scars). After am thru with the binder, I also vow to faithfully put lotion on again.

Then again, I am also thinking of extending the wearing of the binder since I think it helps curb my appetite.

Is it 'coz am 33 already and I feel the pressure of old age looming? Or I just really had an epiphany of sorts lately?

Still, I did really miss being told I was sexy, and getting compliments on how I look.


  1. Oh, don't waste your money on BB creams. They're just like tinted moisturizers, except BB creams don't really do anything to help improve skin unlike what they claim.

    You'd be better off buying good moisturizers.

    -- Karen


  2. I'm already using MyraE Vitaglow when I go out, and applying moisturizers twice a day. It's just that i've read helps with acne scars as well as evening out skin tone so I wanted to try it... thanks for your input though :) I'd research some more!


  3. Its ok to use any cream or to do any special treatment as you are 33. But don't be so tensed because of your increasing age. This is the ultimate truth you have to accept it. If you accept this fact then your tension won't affect your skin. so be calm.

    mineral cosmetics

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