WTH Immigration and Belo

2:28 AM Friday, December 10, 2010

My father, as well as so many other Filipinos, had a right to be annoyed and offended. Belo's face advertising her cosmetic surgery services on official travel forms? WTH!!!

If the government, particularly the airport, wanted to generate funds for the forms (or just effect a greater income), surely other businesses could have been accommodated instead? Like maybe, those in the hospitality and travel business? But the suggestion of cosmetic surgery welcoming people coming into our country is just pure tasteless.


  1. as it is, belo shouldn't be advertising herself. bawal sa code ng PMA yan, eh.

    nakakainis yung mga advertising nila. yung sa flawless clinic nila, they keep saying P999 for warts removal pero it's actually P999 less kasi ang original price is P5000. talk about fraudulent advertising. hmp!


  2. Seryoso sis? So, are we to assume that many top folks are in her payroll 'coz she's getting away with these things?


  3. haha weird. usually smart ang sponsor eh. i guess ang government naten doesnt care as long as they can pay the ad space


  4. Yuck ganyan pala itsura nyan! Akala ko maliit lang. Tsaka I thought pinatanggal na yang mga yan? Kasi madami nagreklamo?

    Tsaka yung Flawless kakatanggap lang ng Retailer of the Year award. LOL


  5. ewan ko nga why PMA can't sanction belo, eh. regarding that ad, airport should allow other placements na mas appropriate sa atin like hotels, resorts, etc.


  6. Roche... eh baka hindi nga sya true blue doctor? :D


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