Investing in Gold

5:29 AM Saturday, April 09, 2011

With the inflation nowadays, it's really kinda stupid to just keep your savings/money in a bank. Even if it was put on time deposit. The interest is just not enough to cover the money value lost due to inflation. Unless you're investing in, I don't know, the Australian dollar and Chinese Yuan? Or maybe delving into mutual funds.

Enter investments in precious metals like jewelry and IRA gold. I think they also have gold 401k accounts in the US, which supposedly yield more for the same level of investment.

So, I guess when my sister starts earning regularly, I will ask her to look into 401k gold investments so that by the time she retires, she can maybe have a bigger resort made than our uncle, who has recently cashed in his 401k returns.

Or at least, she'd just really be comfortable in old age.


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