Education in the Future

11:08 AM Friday, April 15, 2011

I have been discussing education, in general, with fellow Moms. Parents, after all, stress over where and when to send their kids to preschool... and which big school to aim for.

I told them, same thing I told my husband, that I/we will/should play this one by ear. For one thing, online courses are already pretty common nowadays. Kids as young as 16 are taking distance education programs from UP's Open University. My professor friend is in charge of online degree programs in education at PNU. It's not anymore important to really attend the usual colleges because now, kids can just attend specialized institutions for design, culinary, etc.

Too bad we don't have anything remotely resembling Free Application For Federal Student Aid (like the one at for students who may be looking for such opportunities. But still, my point is, who knows where education and other upheavals/technologies will take us? :)


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