What's Next for Mec?

11:01 PM Thursday, August 18, 2011

I am feeling a little envious of my cousin, who's taken up caregiving and is now taking up reflexology classes. I can start looking at online courses again, I am sure, and there are enough online degree programs in education (or at least, distance ones) but I really want to take up baking and I am intent on that crash course on Steiner education.. both courses are more practical. Plus, I don't have my own fully-equipped kitchen to just tune in to Youtube tutorials on embellishing cupcakes and whipping up a perfect souffle. Oh, and I also really want to finsih my sign language classes and move on to Level 4 (interpreter status).

Maybe I should badger my sister to look into http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/ instead. Maybe there's some enrichment class she can take while trying for the NCLEX and can get aid for it. It would be a more productive use of her time in the US.

But apart from my duties as mom and wife, and breastfeeding advocacy duties, what's next for me? What more can I do? Who else can I become? Because I certainly have to keep growing and self-realizing!


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  2. mec, you must have heard of the 15 day waldorf/ steiner class for beginners? will you be taking the class?


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