Color Me Badd and All 4 One in Manila

6:23 PM Friday, September 09, 2011

I accidentally saw the Ovation Productions ad in 2nd Avenue while I was surfing the TV for something to watch. I immediately told my hubby that we're watching this concert.

High school, baby!

I never knew I would get to dance to "I Wanna Sex You Up" with CMB singing it live!

All in all... Araneta Coliseum was definitely not filled up (they should just have held it at Music Museum, more intimate and probably more fun for everyone) but I was/am so happy that CMB and All 4 One gave such a great show. All their hits... I actually forgot all about All 4 One's "So In Love" and "I Swear" songs. Haha. I mean, I just knew I knew them from before... who cares what they sang?

And then I realized, a lot of their songs were favorite wedding songs, haha.

I also loved the tribute they did for Michael Jackson. I loved all the a capella moments. I loved that they all still sounded great (excepting the guy who grew fat in CMB, you could tell he was gasping for breath especially towards the end of the concert).

The concert really took me back to a time and place I've quite forgotten, not really missed, but also enjoyed and loved. Heck, high school was a time when you felt everything, lived everything. I even told hubs, I want to throw an 80s/90s party for our 10th anniversary instead... and we'd just play all the MTVs we loved.

One other thing, there was an old lady in front of us who was giving us the eye for shrieking... and the concert was sooo moving for me that it brought me back to my juvenile self... and screamed and shouted and clapped all the more to provoke and annoy said old woman. Mean, I know.


It's really gratifying to
1) listen to fave songs of yesteryear sung live
2) finally be able to afford concerts
3) feel empowered to attend concerts just because
4) have great memories attached to those songs
5) realize how much you've grown and that you've made peace with that pimply, awkward teenager
6) know that there are more has-beens coming to Manila!


  1. The "fat" guy you were referring to is Bryan Abrams...hahahahaha!!

    I agree the venue was quite big for these guys...Renen De Guia (ovation production head) does not do much study...hehehe! He's just in it for the money that the sponsors pour him. Music Museum would have been jampacked and they could have done it for 2 nights too! *Sigh*


  2. Hi! So glad you had fun during the show. I also have fond memories of CMB. I also had the privilege of spending time with them when they went to CDO. I hope you can visit my blog soon --- I have lots of photos, a special video message from them for their Pinoy fans plus behind the scenes tales ;)

    Thank you,



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