8:46 AM Monday, February 16, 2004

CAPTURED. That's how they call themselves. Well, first of all, congratulations and best wishes to Mr. Alvyn and Mrs. Anna Cruz who tied the knot last Valentines at San Agustin Church, with reception at this garden setting at The Fort. Joni (guy right of bride) said he's started saving up for his own wedding three years from now. Jojo at left of groom is going to get married next year.

Captured, they say. Meaning, when they met their women, they just cannot be with another. Meaning, they refuse to have somebody else. Meaning, they fell in love then, are in love now and will always be in love with... their significant others.

Captured. What a nice thing to be in this day and age.


Caught my nephew on video while he's trying to walk. He's getting baptized on the 22nd.


Lova Palooza beat Chile's existing record. Hoorah for MisB and the others.


I'm starting to think that it's best for Philippines to finally allow divorce here. I am not for it... I don't think i'll ever support nor really understand it. But I think it's a better option to take than annulling marriages.

Case in point, Janice de Belen's marriage to John Estrada is in the process of getting annulled. And I couldn't help but be offended. How dare people... have a marriage nullified just because they've found another partner to be with? How dare a man say that the woman who has given him a lot of kids and who has taken care of him and loved him and was faithful and loyal and supportive of him... was not married after all... in all those years?

Better end a marriage with divorce. Be responsible enough to admit to being irresponsible and say out loud "WE CANNOT HACK IT". That is less detrimental I think for kids, instead of telling them, that they weren't really borne out of a committed love and nurtured within a marriage.


Somebody was kind. I got flowers for Valentines. :)