4:00 PM Wednesday, February 04, 2004


One problem with being the passionate, impatient me is... I haven't experienced really long smooches yet.

Allow me to be elaborate.

I just realized recently that I have never contented myself with just a passionate kiss... an exploration of the sweetness and wetness and secrets of each other's mouth... without "spoiling" the kiss with equally eager and exploring hands. Why can't I wait for an hour at least before giving in to the delightful feel of a warm body getting hotter with my fingertips... why do I always have to arch my body so, always silently offering my chest, always clandestinely presenting my upper body for "inspection"... Why do I have to be so obvious that I enjoy it when a man starts kissing my neck, my breasts... thereby forever breaking the passionate liplock for other pleasures. Why can't a man keep his hands to himself and just slowly tease me to orgasms via my mouth? Why haven't I been with a partner who can take glory in the delaying of other gratifications... why can't I ever torment myself fully clothed, some more?

And then, there's fondling and petting. What could be so hard about just touching each other... and rubbing each other's bodies through your clothes, feeling each other's heat radiating through... getting all the more stimulated by the different fabrics you guys are wearing... I can't even remember the last time I actually really soiled my undies due to extreme wetness... soil them enough to actually show a fleeting stain on my skirt or pants or shorts. (Getting a man THAT wet is easy for me though. I guess it helps that theirs go erect... easier to soil through pants... jeans even!). Why can't I wait just a little bit more time before stripping? And why can't he allow that I keep my clothes on for just a little more while?

And can't I really ever enjoy an hour-long romance with his hands and mouth first... gently, slowly, tormentingly discovering every inch of me... KNOWING every inch of me... Can't I ever experience all the different strokes and pressure levels his fingers can bring? Do I really always have to tie a man up in order for him to just allow me to touch him... tease him... kiss him all over? What is so wrong about such an exploration? Why always the rush... Can't we really find bliss in just probing and searching for new heights of desire?

Sometimes, after a profoundly great encounter, i'd catch myself still stroking my lover, or still gently sucking, nipping at his chest, his mouth, his ears... and I'd feel embarrassed for not letting him rest... or for seeming so attached, or clingy, or insatiable. And yet, I also feel deprived somehow. And yet, and yet, is it really so bad to want to glorify first each other's bodies, really worship them by taking our time...? What is so wrong in suckling for a long time? Or body-licking each other? Or tracing circles and lines along hair lines, scars, birthmarks, body contour, etc.

And tell me, where is the man who can stand getting gripped by a really wet pussy? Is it really so hard for him to keep thrusting without getting lost in the sensations? And why can't a man keep his eyes on you or his mouth in yours, while he brings you to ecstasies you've always imagined and wanted, and not always achieve as forcefully?

And why can't I keep my noise limited to gasps and moans. Why do I have to be pleading and begging and demanding for him to plunge deeper and slower and more powerfully-driven inside me? Why can't I wait for an orgasm to subside first before challenging him to give me another one? Is a minute too long a time to waste for a more refined lovemaking? Why can't I be less eager, less willing, less inviting for him to have his way with me... Why can't we prolong his conquering me? Why can't we put off my marking him as completely, essentially, utterly MINE?

And after that, why can't encounters end with us falling asleep in each other's arms... exhausted... spent... sated...


I figure, i'd need some two hours of just plain liplocking, and then followed by liplocking w/ body rubbing (if his cock is hard and he's rubbing himself on top of me, heck, i'd already be having orgasms surely) with clothes on, then another hour of body rubbing/exploration w/ just our undies on (still kissing, mind you), and then another hour of getting a hundred orgasms from his fingers alone, preferably spoon position... and then, spoon position where i'd be giving him his first orgasm using my hands... and then another hour of uhm... kissing each other's bodies, exploring each other's depths with basically our tongues and lips and sometimes, teeth... and orgasms galore again for me as I ride his face... and a second orgasm for him as I eat his throbbing maleness raw (yeah, yeah, aka 69)... and then.. and then... body rubbing some more to make him erect again for one whole hour of humping... to climax in really intense and sizzling simultaneous orgasms.

Seven hours... it shouldn't be so hard right?


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