3:34 PM Thursday, June 24, 2004

I've just finished re-reading QUEEN OF THE DAMNED by Anne Rice. In it, Akasha started killing all the men, and putting women under a spell to also kill their men... even their male offsprings... even the male infants.

Akasha said that such a massacre, however cruel, will bring about after a REIGN OF PEACE. After all, she reasoned, the violence she was bringing upon the men will still not equal the atrocities women have suffered centuries upon centuries fro
m men... and it's the men who have always sought wars and strife.

Anyway, it's such a cruel idea, isn't it? To annihilate 90% of the male population and only save some to ensure procreation...

But the idea, tho cruel and most probably not going to happen anytime soon anyway, brings to mind several truths...

First, true, the death of almost all the men this instant, can still not account for nor equal the really horrible things they've done, in whatever ideology's name, to women since the beginning of time.

I'm too lazy to research on how many hundreds of years man has walked the earth. Still, history has been consistent in its depiction of horrors and injustice to women so far.

And it's true, is it not? Only men seem to have the inherent capacities to conceive of war, and they seem to always take the initiative at discrimination and prejudice. And everywhere, the killing machines have been the men.

Others may remind me of the Amazons... and several such groups, a band of aggressive women. Still, in the centuries we've all lived and thrived as a specie, only a handful of such tribes exist or came about. Does it not prove then, that tho both sexes have equal capacities to be kind and cruel, it's really the male specie that seems to have been predestined, by nature, to bring death while the female brings life.

And so, I ponder a world without men. Would it really be a more peaceful world? Am sure women would choose staying home with their kids than going to war. Am sure women would conduct more research on illnesses rather than nuclear warheads. Am also sure that a lot of matters might take time getting resolved in assemblies because of a lot of opinions and differing motivations. Am sure, yes, there will be less fear. It may even be possible that women will have a healthier perspective about their bodies, and about what real beauty is. I can even bet that we'd get to keep our humor, and that we'd be more creative and resourceful as we fend for ourselves in a world where no man is about to do the plumbing and the like for us.

Others will argue that the women will be lonely, to which i'd have to agree. But since every woman and child alike will be in the same plight, I think it's a loneliness women can survive.

But when the time comes that someone decides men can walk with us women again, i fear that the violence will be reinvented anew. And men are sure to avenge the 'wrong' to their ascendants. Something, just as curiously, women as a group have never done.


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