9:31 AM Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Imagine getting a text message from your cousin, informing you that your Mom is confined in a hospital somewhere, and the one who knows where exactly is currently fighting with the missus at your house (my brother, yes).

Imagine having to locate her, gripped by all horrifying possibilities considering her age and the knowledge of her health concerns... and asking some faceless nurse why your mother is admitted anyway.

Imagine being told your Mom was due for a tonsillectomy... and how you're not sure if it's a good news (it being a minor operation) or a bad news (it having to be finally done because she's now suffering from rheumatic heart... and who knows how many other procedures are to follow).

Imagine walking in the rain and not daring to hope that your Mom is indeed alright, because the worst is yet not confirmed. Imagine texting close friends and telling them that you might have to borrow money from them because of your Mom.

Imagine being close to tears and already being scared and biting your lip as you force yourself to be a little stronger when you face your Mother.

Imagine thinking about your parents' mortality, and concluding, for that moment, that there is no loss greater than the loss of a parent of child... whether you knew them or not... whether you were close or not... even the loss of a sibling or spouse.

Imagine walking into your Mom's room and having her grin like a child who was caught stealing candy... and asking why you're there.

Imagine the effort it took not to bop your Mother one, after getting all the facts (she's been advised to undergo said operation last January and this was a scheduled one... and your father knows about it and has given your Mom money for it).

Imagine the sigh of relief after leaving her, knowing that the worst has not yet come. Imagine smiling to yourself at how innocent she looked in her hospital garments, and how she regaled you with stories of her roommate's kidney stones, and how she plans to go back to work asap... and how she was looking for a cheaper room when she can actually avail of a private room since her Philhealth and other insurance will cover it (plus, the difference would only amount to some P1,000 anyway).

Imagine feeling exhausted and spent and having to reward yourself, with your cousins, a P700-dinner... and a half-gallon of rocky road ice cream.

Imagine one of your bestfriends telling you that your Mother takes after you...


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