1:39 PM Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Over lunch, colleagues were talking about the dishonor that has visited Filipinas... how, from a view of strong family values, stronger Christian faith, and a general veneration of their beauty, grace and intelligence... they now are deemed women of ill-repute and not-sohonorable vocations... especially when they collectively go out of the country.

I told them that just recently, lining up for Immigration, I was gripped with a great fear that I'd be mistaken for a domestic helper. This gangly guy was asking women who, for him maybe, had this DH-aura to them, if they were domestic helpers, and if they were, to step away from the line and go fall in line in some designated window. I assumed it was generally to facilitate the process... with them probably having other papers to present, other questions to answer. (Of course, they could have easily just placed a sign directing these women to the designated windows for them). And of course, he was asking mostly those who look Malay. And of course, those who turned out to be DHs are pinays. And of course, as I said, I was licking my lips with trepidation, ashamed with my reaction, but more scared of how i'd feel if i'd be mistaken as a DH.

Of course, with my belly button showing, and my shapely ass for all other nations to gawk at... I wasn't singled out to be asked such. Maybe he even thought I should have gone to Japan instead...

Anyway, I digress. My colleagues started teasing me about my story. I confronted them, would they have not minded being mistaken for one? And of course, they said they'd be as embarrassed as I was.

When you think about it, there IS dignity in earning your keep. Ergo, there should be pride for honest labor, no matter what it is. And yet, I cannot be a hypocrite and pretend that i'm not mighty glad that I was blessed with a good-paying job.. that I don't have to throw my degrees and licenses and be away from my family just to earn enough and support my family and children.

I pray, of course, that such a plight will not be visited upon me. And i'm sad at the sacrifices overseas contract workers make... and I really hope, that something can be done to redeem their dignity in the eyes of the pinoys who are left behind.

I'm sorry OCWs... and am working on a healthier perspective.


Spicy tamarind rocks!!! I sure wish someone within my circle of significant others would go to Thailand soon.


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