or so the joke usually goes.

Anyway, I was chagrined by a program I was watching over the weekend (forgot what) which featured Pinoy child geniuses.

They did an interview of Shaira... the girl who would be the youngest doctor/surgeon. I think there was nothing heard of her for some 10 years.

Anyway, she's a lot thinner now, and sporting a tongue ring.

She talked about the pressure she had to take, with everybody gunning for her to achieve a lot of remarkable accomplishments in the field of medicine... and how, she was already failing subjects in her second year in college... and how, she eventually had to stop going to school altogether.

She's now found her happiness in photography.

And though I do not begrudge her the choice, and the happiness, I have to admit I was really dismayed.

Few are gifted enough to be given opportunities us regular people can only dream of (ah, reminiscent of Good Will Hunting eh?)...

And what if, that brilliance could really MOVE and SHAKE the world? Could result to high-impact changes?

It wasn't discussed if she was any great at photography... and I've the mind to think that she may have chosen that field because she's not naturally great at it... something challenging and well, subjective, to sink her teeth into, so to speak.

And I cannot help but blame the system and the scenario, which may have led to her totally veering away from something she'd be truly great in. You know how it is, when something's been continually shoved down your throat, you just can't help but gag and be traumatized...


I guess this is a selfish thought... but like what I said, I don't begrudge her the happiness... which is evident in her eyes, in her smile.

For i'd always go back to that BH90210 scene where Brandon asked his Mom if she was ever approached to have Brandon become a professional athlete...

To which his Mom replied:

I asked myself, do I want a star, or do I want a son... I chose to have a son.

See... not to pull my future kids back... but i'd also want them to be HAPPY.


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