das Gewissen

4:39 PM Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I have been a lot busy lately.

Anyway, one realization/affirmation that has been tickling me all kinds of pink is the fact that my breasts are nice...

And unlike other women, they're generally the same size... I won't ever have to have a gown made where one breast would require an extra pad.

And they're generally in front, and perky still (am turning 28 na) to always suggest a cleavage, even if am not wearing a bra.

As opposed to some women who may have larger breasts than I ever will, but whose breasts always hope to rejoin their armpits once freed from the trappings of a brassiere.

Oooohh, I sometimes can't wait to be pregnant or lactating... because I swear, no matter how rhino-like in size i'd be, i'd be strutting around in tube tops!!!

hail to my wonderful, beautiful, non-droopy breasts!!! may they continue to defy gravity just a little bit longer!


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