4:02 PM Friday, January 12, 2007

I wonder whose number this is.

At least 27-3528 supposedly belongs to a Dexter. :)


I was looking for inspirational quotes and happened to open a 'dedication notebook' I had back in 3rd year HS. Notice that Dexter's phone number is still only 6 digits. That was some thirteen or fourteen years ago, more than a decade away from sexual conquests and serious heartbreaks and career stagnation and marriage and real loss.

My old books and notebooks will always have doodles in them... heart shapes and the hurriedly written quote heard from a radio or teacher or song that struck a nerve. Occasionally they would have these numbers (even beeper numbers) and names of people (mostly guys, of course) I don't even recall ever talking with... were we phone pals? (I never really dated so am sure I didn't date them... and they could be friends' crushes who they wanted me to soften up for them)

Heck, even diary entries would show me raving or ranting over someone I cannot remember anymore.

Time passes. Life goes on. Memories fade. Experiences get obscured.

And you find yourself with a lot of junk that, if you're lucky, documented somehow that for a certain moment in the distant past, you were alive...

you lived, you loved, you were in love, you were a raging lunatic of a teenager

And you smile and wonder, briefly, about that person you can no longer remember...

Or spend an entire morning or afternoon, reminiscing about the people you DO remember... the greatest crushes of your young, hormonal life... including all those times that you actually kissed an autograph book because your crush signed it... even the acronyms JAPAN and FRANCE stop being corny for awhile...

And then you silently wonder if, somewhere, some guy had also written your name and number down... and was wondering about you.


I also do not know who Michael is, but his number was 827-4516.


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