10:56 AM Monday, January 29, 2007

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... last January 15, I topped the scales at 141 lbs. Ugh. I'm just thanking my genes that, even though i'm now a really lumpy, cellulite-mess, I still somehow have curves in the right places (this, despite losing a waist to speak of).

I am now on a half-cup of rice once a day diet... and try to consume as much as I can of bananas and soups and meats for meals. I don't really want to go on a super conservative diet, believing that eating healthily will get me there anyway. And I am in no hurry, thus, the lack of desire to crash diet. I feel that's what's going to work best for me anyway... i'd be content with just losing 2 lbs a month as long as it's a steady reduction of weight.

I have also returned to the gym... but that is being disrupted by my trips to the OB for my fertility work-up... and just recently, a death in the family I married into. But still, steady is what will do it...

Oh, I won't be a hypocrite. I still enjoy the occasional white chocolate and ice cream... but all in reduced quantities and frequencies. And I intend to reduce the quantity and frequency even more (though that would be hard since my husband was able to do the impossible recently... find me DOVE WHITE CHOCOLATES!!!)

Good luck to me.

Apart from wanting to be healthier... I really need to be sexy again :D


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